Top tips on making online casino deposits

Knowing how to make an online casino deposit is often the factor which concerns new players most. With the technological advances being made in the last couple of decades, online casinos have become a hugely popular and convenient alternative to the real thing.
From fruit machines and online slots to the traditional table games, everything is now available at the touch of the button. You can even watch your table game dealers via live video feed, and the variety of themes for popular slot games has grown massively. Whereas before it might have taken years for a popular TV show or movie to get its own slot game, they are now available online within weeks.
Naturally, the first thing to think about when choosing to play online is how you’re going to deposit your money to start playing.
As online casinos evolve, so has their accessibility and most now offer a wide variety of payment methods. If you’re a new player, you might be overwhelmed with the online casino deposit options available to you, but don’t let the technicalities put you off.
If you’ve found the casino which appeals to you, then you should be quickly and easily directed to a page where you can choose your deposit method. As a new player, your first deposit will often come along with promotions such as free spins or free money being added to your wallet, all of which vary depending on the amount you deposit. So be sure to shop around for a casino which offers not only the games which appeal to you, but also a tempting promotion to welcome you.

What payment methods can I use?
All your standard payment methods should be available, such as VISA and MasterCard credit and debit options. These are by far the most popular method’s for making online casino deposits, but many casinos also offer other credit and debit card providers such as American Express and Maestro. Another popular option is a bank transfer, which some users prefer as it means they’re not required to enter their financial information directly.
It’s worth bearing in mind however, that while Credit and Debit methods are instant, bank transfers usually require a processing period which can take several days. So if you’re keen to get playing immediately, Credit and Debit cards are always great options.
Another option available to you with the majority of casinos is e-wallets. You might be familiar with PayPal, the original e-wallet which is now accepted as payment method at most online stores. Well, there are now a variety of e-wallets on offer, which gives you the flexibility to deposit money and then deposit and play it in increments at a variety of casinos.
This is a great option when you might have several favorite casinos for different games, competitions or promotions. It’s also a handy option if you have a particular amount in mind for playing with. Other e-wallets include Skrill, Neteller and MyCitadel. Just be sure to check that the casino accepts the particular e-wallet before you make your deposit!
Finally, prepaid cards are also an option with many casinos. Much like you’d purchase a top-up-card for your mobile phone, these prepaid cards or vouchers can be bought in stores or online. The most popular of these include Entropay, Astropay and Paysafecard. The main advantage of these cards is that for the security-conscious you don’t need to disclose any of your personal financial information.

Given tips so far?
* Choose the casino which appeals to you, being sure to consider the welcome promotions available.
** Once you’ve chosen your casino, check which payment methods they accept and decide on the one which best suits you.
*** If you’re choosing an e-wallet or prepaid card, go away and purchase or set up the account, you need to have your funds at the ready.

So, how to make your deposit?
Fortunately for you and other online slot game players, online casinos are very well designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Like a real casino, online casinos know that visiting a casino is all about the experience. You want to feel welcomed and for your visit to be as hassle-free as possible. So naturally, being able to find where to make your deposit, the first step of a visit to any casino, is usually very straightforward. Check out the menus along the top of the page or at the left side or click anywhere where you see terms like ‘join now’, ‘make a deposit’ or ‘visit the cashier’.
Once you do this, you’ll be asked to create your player account. This is just like an account you might have with Facebook or Amazon. You can give yourself a username and provide a small selection of details like your date of birth, gender and email address.
Once you’ve provided your details and successfully registered, you’ll usually be directed straight to an easy-to-use payment page. Much like you would check out from an online store, here you are offered your choice of payment methods and the amount you would like to deposit, which is usually in multiples of £5 or £10.
Remember to look at the promotions available, as sometimes depositing another £10 will give you a significant increase to your welcome bonus. For example, welcome bonuses might be ‘100 free spins for each £20 deposited’ or ‘200% welcome bonus’ (which would mean you have 200% of the value of your first deposit added to your casino account).
You shouldn’t be put off playing at an online casino by thinking that making payments is complicated or unsafe. While the different options for making deposits might be a little overwhelming for new players, it usually takes just a couple of minutes to register and make your first deposit. Within minutes you can be browsing and playing live from your choice of thousands of online slots, table games, bingo and all sorts of exciting games.