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When we were lowly cavemen we had a certain defense mechanism to help keep us alive. The brains negative bias helped us spot danger while making us remember were danger lurked. Our brains saw and remembered threats, it warned us to keep us safe. We needed this thinking to help keep man alive.

Research for this goes on all the time that doesn’t make the headline news. It is no wonder that it is kept out of our Nigeria news resources. It stands to hurt the huge pharmaceutical industry too much.

As ‘the gang’ landed on the floor of Jumeirah Beach Hotel one of the best Hotels in Dubai they were pretty cool to be the denizens of this lovely place that would be a fun at the beach kind of place where die-hard lovers go crazy, hanky, panky in love. ‘Come let’s fall in love again!’ all of them cried. ‘You, shameless creature!’ Dingy spitted fire as her BF of two months Samer pulled her closer. ‘I’m all aching babe, you are the pain killer!’ Samer said, half-laughing! The resort had a striking wavy design, was a five star resort and stood like a crazy structure calling people to board in.

The departure of the talismanic Henry signaled the end of an era and brought on the critics in full force. Every ‘manager’ from the salesman to the CEO to the data entry clerk in the world gave the gunners zero chance. Nobody thought that Arsenal will rise from the ashes this time round. Adding fuel to the fire was the ultra thin squad (we only brought in Sagna, Fabianski, Nordtveit, Eduardo and Bendtner back from loan) and no big name signing after Henry departure. The team was amazingly young with an average age of less than 25 years old.

12. Funny hubs: Do you have what it takes to make an angry man smile? If you do then you can make a lot of money from that. Provide a blog that can be an epicenter for funny picture, funny videos, hilarious jokes, etc and you are made.

There are several world famous and luxurious hotels in Dubai City. Set in the heart of Dubai City is the Jumerah emirates Towers a hotel that is just a short drive to pristine beaches. Jumerah YoungEmirates Towers has four hundred rooms and suites. More hotels in Dubai City include the Arabian Courtyard with one hundred seventy three furnished rooms. This hotel has a spa and a fully equipped health and fitness center. The Flora Grand Hotel is a four star hotel. It is just ten minutes from the airport. This hotel is located in the most exciting part of town. It contains the best restaurants in Dubai.

Web design: Everything is going into the internet. Businesses, schools, hospitals, sports, games, just name it. They are all migrating to the internet to create awareness about their existence. So knowing how to design/develop websites is a necessity right now. If you can teach people (even web designers) how to design or develop websites and the latest ways to do it, you will be smiling to the bank every minute.

There are a lot of low cost flights being advertised like the one from Kuwait Airways for $580. This is a one stop flight from JFK to Mumbai with a layover in Kuwait City. The part most of the great looking prices leave out are the taxes and fees. For this particular flight they are $280 in fees and taxes added to the ticket. This is typical and a reoccurring event in the price wars on the internet.

Arsenal will certainly go into this match in a confident mood because of their recent excellent run and knowing that they put five past this side just two weeks ago. However, Shakhtar will be equally as confident because of their home run. Where are we putting our cash though? As both sides are not conceding a large amount of goals at the moment, we’re putting our money on the under 2.5 goals market for this game.