Before I transferred to Korea, I study a huge amount of blog posts about Seoul.

Before I transferred to Korea, I study a huge amount of blog posts about Seoul.

I figured that located in nearby Yeonsu, Incheon allows me to relive the fame times of my forex trading period in Hong Kong, partying in a multicultural bubble with a great balance of eastern satisfies western. Everything I performednt recognize during the time would be that based on where you happen to live, youre in no way right outside Seoul, even though it appears like its on a map. If youre stuck in Yeonsu like I became (the much end of Incheon) without a motor vehicle, it will require over a couple of hours to get indeed there.

Thus after 6 months, manage we be sorry for creating made the move to Incheon?

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As a consequence of my range from Seoul, we prevented the sleep-eat-drink-repeat way of living that defined section of my twenties, pushing me to deal with real challenges and cultural immersion.

Reflecting on the last six months, listed below are some of my personal biggest takeaways from an urban area we today phone room.

On Acquiring Buddies

Though Ive been a social butterfly, acquiring buddies inside throat on the woods (except for a number of foreigners) has-been some more difficult due to my personal limited Korean code techniques (kindly eliminate this mistake if you are planning on transferring here, or perhaps learn the alphabet). Consequently, Ive got a limited extent of company to choose from, because foreigners here are an ultra fraction when compared with Seoul. English speaking ladies are a much better fraction inside my area, which means a lot of the individuals You will find found are guys & most with the exact same intentions as the endless bachelors lower:

There only have already been once or twice where i’vent wandered into a nearby expat club without being told through a gross, earlier partnered guy that i will get back with your enjoy a real dick (kinda go along with you truth be told there, dickhead), bring drunkenly slobbered over by males who arent enthusiastic about mastering or remembering my personal title, or have men reason that i ought to sleep with them because life try short. (more…)