A Guide To Legally Changing Your Name After Divorce

(I’m I the UK) All official agencies know that I’m married despite my marriage not being registered. The wives of the Prophet are the Mothers of the Believers, and the Prophet , is the noblest of people and the best example. And but once we take a look at their instance, we are going to understand that when the Prophet married any of his wives, NOT ONE of them took his name. On the contrary, each one of them stored her father’s name even if her father was a kaafir. Similarly, the wives of the Sahaabah and people who got here after them didn’t change their names.

Use Your Maiden Name Even After A Reputation Change

  • My driver’s license, passports, house, investments and so on are all underneath my married/authorized name.
  • I met my current partner in July 2018 and we started cohabiting in November 2018.
  • It’s inconceivable to have two documented authorized names.
  • Socially, I changed to his final name as designated on our 2004 Minnesota Marriage license.

“In Africa, a girl is supposed to assume her husband’s name after marriage. However, there should be no problem in retaining your father’s name whether it is allowed by your husband,” she said.

Is The Divorce Sophisticated?


How Do You Go Back To Your Maiden Name After A Divorce In South Africa?

There is a regulation nevertheless that permits you to change your name if you would like. If you’re one of many ladies asking, “Can I maintain my married name when divorced,” you’re in luck, the reply is yes. Sometimes women cannot let go of their former lives, especially if the woman was not the celebration who needed the divorce. Typically a woman will change her name back to her maiden name, but in some circumstances a girl may wish to keep her married name.

Since then i’ve been divorced for quite a while without ever changing my name back with the WA State Department of Licensing. The Dillema I actually have come throughout is that My name With the SSA still shows as my Maiden name. My WA State issued ID Shows My married name.

Changing Back To Your Maiden Name After Divorce

If you’ve an old expired passport in your maiden name, take that along too. Valera December 18, 2019 Hi Valerie. In what capacity would they allow use of your maiden name? The alternative is to keep your maiden name legally and professionally, while using your married name socially.

Tips On How To Legally Change Your Final Name After Divorce


Before you get official approval to use your new name, you can introduce your self or establish your self together with your maiden name, then allow them to know that you’re within the course of of fixing your name. This is usually enough to fulfill necessities at locations corresponding to banks, as they perceive that the name change course of could be a problem.

You can stick together with your married name. Name change is nonbinding, even by way of divorce. Whatever new name appears on your marriage certificates is nonbinding. It’s a good suggestion to take your social security card, passport, and licensed copy of your marriage certificates with you. If you haven’t already, you would try to return to the DMV presenting your marriage certificates showing your married name as justification. Probably wouldn’t work if they’re trying to sync up with the SSA.